Media Group

The media team is a critical part of the service at  Grace chapel outreach ministries. The Media team include our sound team, camera personnel, easy worship/ProPresenter (lyric and scripture) projectionists, video directors, and CD/DVD duplication team Website and social media administrations.  We function on a cross-training basis so that everyone will be able to man every station at some point, and we develop our skills every Sunday.

Our team members are dedicated, detail-oriented, focused individuals whose job is to ensure that every aspect of the church service is seen and heard clearly, not only by our congregation but on our Livestream audience as well. We operate under a ministry mandate to ensure the representation and our re-presentation is consistent with the vision and image of the Grace chapel outreach ministries vision.


Through areas such as sound, video, multimedia, social media, communications, radio, and streaming broadcast production, website development, branding and print productions we assist the atmosphere of the Grace chapel outreach ministries so the presence of the Lord is seen and heard all over the world.  Also, this team is responsible for the complete design and production of all promotional/marketing materials, publications, web elements, video elements, product packaging and signage needed for GCOM Church.

General Responsibilities:

  • To coordinate among the sound crew and video presentation group a schedule of workers so that each service is appropriately staffed.
  • To setup necessary microphones, monitors, and other sound system equipment that is needed in each service.
  • To coordinate with soloists, choir, or other special music to set sound levels prior to each service.
  • To find creative ways to increase the sound system services of the church, such as making recordings for homebound, archiving service recordings, etc.
  • To purchase needed equipment for the sound system or computer to provide greater capability during worship services and special services.
  • To schedule among the sound crew personnel and the video crew to work the sound system and the Easy Worship slides during revivals, cantatas, and other special services.
  • To train volunteers to properly operate the sound system and computer.

Mission statement

Our mission is to continuously lead people into a new or growing relationship with Jesus Christ through the use of new edge technology by creating an excellent spiritual and technical atmosphere. These two fundamental elements are what we focus on continually. We seek how to best serve Grace chapel ministries with our technology in a manner that is helpful and promote Grace chapel ministries mission.

If you are interested in volunteering with Media team, please contact

Dan Akeme (Group Leader) @ 609-575-0413

Akuaa Kumi (Assistance Group Leader) @ 443-655-3808

Pastor Gloria Darko “Our team exists to create experiences where people meet Jesus and take their next step with Him”